Did you know that having an in-house security team can add up to 49% more to your payroll costs?


Do the terms FLSA, ACA, HIPPA, E-Verify or I-9 scare you? 

They should if you have in-house security  staff. 

These terms are just some of the federally mandated employment laws that HOA’s condo boards and property managers must contend with. If you are not fully compliant with any of these it can cost you and your organization hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines, penalties and yes, even back wages.

What can you do to eliminate these HR compliance headaches and ensures the safety and security of your business, building or property in the real world? 

Outsourcing may provide the solutions you’re looking for.

Outsourcing can provide a viable and affordable solution for many businesses, condominiums, planned communities and office and professional complexes. The security provider you choose will take on the costs and hassles of hiring, scheduling, HR administration, insurance, liability, training and outfitting employees.

If you’re looking for trained security officers, you’ll find that hiring your own staff can be extremely expensive. The last thing you want when it comes to security is less-than-qualified workers. 

According to the US Department of Labor legally required benefits such as social security, workers compensation insurance, unemployment and Medicare costs can add an additional 14.5% to your payroll costs.

If you provide other benefits such as health & life insurance, 401K contributions, and/or paid leave time those costs can add an additional  24% to your payroll and operating expenses.

What that means for you is that an officer being paid $12.00 per hour plus full benefits is actually costing you $17.88 an hour. That equates to an additional $12,000 per year in expense per employee.

By on-boarding your existing residential security staff to the Trident team we absorb all those peripheral benefit costs, relieve you of any HR headaches and provide comprehensive supervision and oversight specific to your needs and desires while at the same time providing first class services to your residents.

Risk is the single biggest factor in determining how much coverage costs. No one anticipates accidents or mistakes. The rising cost of general liability insurance is another area of concern for managers, board members and residents.  

If you've had accidents or faced lawsuits in the past then expect to pay more.


A reputable security contractor will carry sufficient liability and workers compensation insurance which will provide you indemnification from losses and employee injuries and illness, thereby reducing your overall insurance costs and risk factors.


When you contract your security program with Trident Ground Protection we assume  the liability for any  incident or accident caused by any negligent, grossly negligent,  willful act or omission or intentional act, of one of our team members.

Whether its employing the latest technology to improve your security team’s performance, accountability and keeping  you informed about your officers’ activities, providing comprehensive supervision and oversight to staff or promptly responding to issues that are of a concern to you, Trident Ground Protection is there for you.


Disciplined, Dedicated Dependablity

Dependability, discipline and dedication to the client are the hallmarks of being a member of the Trident Ground Protection team.

Each officer is selected after a rigorous assessment of their levels of conscientiousness, reliability and critical thinking skills. Next, they must pass an extremely comprehensive background investigation and personality profile.

We truly provide you with more than just a security guard. We provide you a true security professional.