Facility & CCTV Monitoring


Video Surveillance Systems


In todays’ society video surveillance systems or closed-circuit television systems (CCTV) are everywhere. The shopping mall, the corner grocery store, office complexes, apartments, condos, hotels and a vastly growing number of private residences. 

There is no argument that CCTV systems are a powerful forensic tool. Video evidence gathered by cameras is used routinely by law enforcement worldwide to solve crimes and bring perpetrators to justice. 

Lets face it, most crooks know that there is a pretty good chance no one is watching the cameras. One could argue that if CCTV is such a great deterrent to crime, then why is 30% of the local news coverage each evening devoted to “Crime Caught on Camera”? So as deploying a CCTV system as a preventative measure the ROI on the cost is probably questionable.

Invest in Active Monitoring


By having an actively monitored video surveillance system, you will get timely notification or alerts to issues occurring at your property so you can react quickly to any situation. You can leave your business or home knowing that you always have eyes on what’s important and valuable to you. You will also get the maximum ROI on your investment.

Baltimore, Maryland installed 500 cameras mostly in a 50-block downtown area, monitored by retired police officers in a control room, and saw crime rates drop steadily.  Although 24-hour, active monitoring raises privacy and cost concerns, Baltimore police said it gave them the best results, sometimes allowing officers to stop a crime in progress. When you have an actively monitored CCTV system you have strengthened your home or businesses protective resources.  Video patrol officers can provide be a contact source for first-responders or management.

By contracting with a licensed security provider, you will have the advantage of having a properly licensed, insured and highly trained professional monitoring your property at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house staff.  In addition, you won’t have to constantly be checking your smart phone or your tablet to see what’s going on.

Trident Ground Protection offers 24/7 active monitoring of video surveillance systems in both south Florida and the greater Raleigh/Durham NC region from our global security operations center located in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Our professional staff have received countless hours of training in active video patrol. 

 By contracting with Trident Ground Protection for active video monitoring, you get the benefit of having a security professional patrolling your property at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated  on-site guard. 

If a problem or issue is observed by one of our video patrol officers, we immediately dispatch one of our security patrol units or the appropriate first responder agency to investigate.