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Disciplined, Dedicated, and Dependable.

Dependability, discipline and dedication to the client are the hallmarks of being a member of the Trident Ground Protection team. Each officer is selected after a rigorous assessment of their levels of conscientiousness, reliability and critical thinking skills. Next, they must pass an extremely comprehensive background investigation and personality profile. We truly provide you with more than just a security guard. We provide you a true security professional.   

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Proud member of the State of Florida Property Managers Association

CCTV cameras are a valuable instrument to monitor and record incidents that occur within your facility. However, unless they are actively monitored, the recordings may be rendered largely as a forensic or preventative measure in detecting security events. Trident merges your existing CCTV equipment and access control systems into a comprehensive security platform to protect your facility, employees, tenants, and visitors. Our team of trained and experienced professionals here at Trident Ground Protection offer 24/7 monitoring of CCTV, as well as looking out for fire detection and alarm system issues. We actively patrol the interior and exterior of your property through your security systems and will notify you as well as emergency responders should any issues arise. You can leave your business or home knowing that you always have eyes on what is important and valuable to you. You will also get the maximum ROI on your investment.

We provide construction site security for any property under construction in the area. Construction sites are susceptible to theft, vandalism and damage. It is also vital to protect workers and any other individuals that may be on the property from any outside occurrence or people that may trespass.

Our construction site security helps with:

  • Property Protection
  • Materials Protection
  • Equipment/Tools Protection
  • Trespassing Prevention
  • Weather and Natural Occurrence Protection/Response
  • Emergency Response
  • Accident Prevention/Assistance

With our construction security services, you can prevent loss of money from damages, vandalism, natural occurrences and weather, trespassing, and many other accidents that can happen to a construction site. A security officer can also monitor the site to control access to the site 24/7.

Executive protection personnel are trained to be discreet and actively ensure that your business and personal security needs are always addressed. Our protective detail is tailored to the needs of each situation and client. Our professional security team can accompany any individual to and from events or at any public appearance, as well as monitor safe entry and exit points for any public event.

HOA community security is, unfortunately, becoming increasingly more necessary in recent years. Here at Trident Ground Protection, we can work with you to set up an effective security plan for your HOA Community. We offer help with setting up and maintaining security cameras, provide 24/7 surveillance of all cameras and security systems as well as providing on-site security, monitor gates and entrances, attend meetings and other large group gatherings, and more. We are here to keep any type of HOA community, and their residents and visitors safe from theft, vandalism, destruction, and any personal issues or attacks that may happen to individuals.

Whether it’s implementing the latest technology to improve security systems, or keeping you informed about any security issues that may arise, we are here to provide friendly, dependable security to any person or business, including buildings, offices, hospitals and more. We provide comprehensive supervision and oversight of any property or people, and promptly respond to issues that are of concern to you.

Boaters want to know that the security measures that have been undertaken by their marina operators are exceptional. After all, they have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in their vessels. On-site security personnel can strengthen the marina’s protective resources. Access control officers and 24/7 patrol can provide immediate on-site assistance. We also offer monitoring of any security systems or cameras. Our team of professionals are trained to contact first-responders or marina management if any issues should occur.

Trident Ground Protection can provide security for the interior and exterior of any office complex. We offer front desk monitoring, parking lot patrols, interior building surveillance, access control and more. Our management and field staff are dedicated to providing you the level of security services, awareness, and discipline that will go far above your expectations for any office building.

We provide comprehensive supervision and oversight to monitor security systems or cameras, or patrol on-site both during and after hours, for any retail operation. Our team of security guards will make sure there are no theft, vandalism, damage or individual security issues that occur. Should an issue arise, our security guards are trained and prepared to handle the issue, and to contact first responders and any applicable staff or management.

As part of our commitment to provide the highest level of professional security services, we can provide a full assessment of your existing security platform or perceived security needs including vulnerability analysis, comprehensive threat assessment, and crime statistics for your site, project, or facility. We then use the results as the basis for designing a comprehensive and cost-effective security program for our clients. We analyze any entry and exit points and security plans for any public events or areas.

Our fast, comprehensive, and secure door-to-door collection and delivery ensures the safe delivery of your goods in the South Florida Tri-County area. Additional overnight services are also available.

Keep your family and possessions safe with a home security system, as well as active camera and alarm monitoring. As part of our commitment to provide the highest level of professional security services, we can provide a full assessment of your security needs, and offer on-site patrol and access control as well.