Proud member of the State of Florida Property Managers Association



Dedicated, Disciplined and Dependable

These  are the hallmarks of  the Trident Ground Protection team.

More than Just a Guard

Trident Ground Protection was established with one goal in mind, to provide our clients with more than simply a security guard. Our team consists exclusively of true security professionals. 

We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. 

Each new officer is selected after a rigorous assessment of their levels of conscientiousness, reliability and critical thinking skills. Next, they must pass an extremely comprehensive background investigation, drug screen and personality profile to insure they meet our exacting standards.

Local Responsive Management

Our management and field staff  are solely dedicated to providing you the level of security officer services , awareness and discipline far above that of any other security provider. We’re committed to providing you with top notch local support and knowledge.

Awareness, Analysis and Assessment

As part of our commitment to provide the highest level of professional security services, we offer you a no-cost, no obligation assessment of your existing security platform or perceived security  needs including a vulnerability analysis, comprehensive threat assessment and crime statistics for your site, project or facility.

We then use the results as the basis for designing a comprehensive and cost effective security program for our clients.

CCTV Systems Monitoring

CCTV cameras are valuable instruments to monitor and record incidents that occur within the facility. However, unless monitored, the recordings may be rendered largely as a forensic or preventative measure in detecting security events.  Trident merges your existing CCTV and access control systems into a comprehensive security platform to protect your facility, employees tenants and visitors.

Lower Risk and Liability

Risk is the single biggest factor in determining how much coverage costs. No one anticipates accidents or mistakes. The rising cost of general liability insurance is another area of concern for property managers and tenants.

When you contract your security program with Trident Ground Protection we assume  the liability for any  incident or accident caused by any negligent, grossly negligent,  willful act or omission or intentional act, of one of our team members.

Whether its employing the latest technology to improve your security team’s performance, accountability and keep you informed about your officers’ activities, providing comprehensive supervision and oversight to staff or promptly respond to issues that are of a concern to you, Trident Ground Protection is there for you.

Proud member of the State of Florida Property Managers Association